What is 科学上网

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    [–]Aramoto 22 指標 

    It’s a inside joke. It means to by-pass the GFW and get access to the websites that are blocked by GFW.

    [–]Byxit 8 指標 

    The first three characters are the Chinese people dancing with joy, they have fooled the Great Firewall. The next character is someone giving Schtick to the final character, which is the Great Firewall.

    My wife is Chinese. I think sometimes she trolls me.

    [–]Hulihutu 2 指標 



    [–]loucancan 1 指標 

    笑尿了 科学上网 ..we need 科学上网 because we have GFW . Because we have gfw we can’t use Facebook or YouTube…


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